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Project Summary

1to1Social – Frictionless Automation! A Social Media, Video production and marketing application, 

Easy to use interface, no friction in the video uploading process, auto-population, auto account creation process, keyword population, and more. 1TO1 Social has multiple processes that you do on a regular basis if you are sharing a video. We have just compressed them into an engine that can do it all for you. 

Instead of having to go to Youtube and navigate the gauntlet or red and black text… you can have it done for you.  1TO1 adds a splash of professionalism to the uploading process and gives you the option of adding a quick intro, outro and music.

We take things a step further and auto-optimize your titles based on your keyword selection and auto-populate the description based on the same keyword, to help guide you along the process. 

1TO1 will also go out and make any account that you don’t have. If you don’t know how…or simply are just too lazy to do it by yourself, just have our bot do it for you.

Project Details


PHP, MySql, Core PHP

Project duration

2 Months


Video Production & Social Media Marketing Automation


Video Post Production

Adding intros and outros and maintaining library of music lisences to add professional touch.

Search Optimization

 Maintaining a huge database of keywords with search competition analysis and applying meta-data tags to increase to online search visibility.

Video Upload

 Video upload to Youtube including title, description, keywords and content based in SEO best practices.


Sharing a media across landscape of social media accounts to increase visibility.

UX Design

User experience is the core part of the 1to1Social app, basically social media sites have the best user-experience, that’s why people use them for multiple hours in a single day. The task for our developer is to make a website/App which is capable of handling social networking sites at one place.  It is the job of our UX professionals to deliver the best user experience within the time and budget available and they accomplish all the challenges in a given timeframe.

Visual Design

A well organised and well-structured visual design is a soul of the App. Visual design focuses on the aesthetics of a site and its related materials by strategically implementing images, colours, fonts, and other elements. A successful visual design does not take away from the content on the page or function. Instead, it enhances it by engaging users and helping to build trust and interest in the brand.

In 1to1Social App/website, our developers have focused on the basic elements of visual design/graphic design, like lines, Shapes, Colour Palette, Texture, Typology & Forms. 1to1Social Software is the result of efficient use of all these elements given above.

What Else?

What Else 1to1Social Can Do?

  • Make your stale video Outstanding
  • 1TO1 takes things a step further and auto-optimizes the title based on your keyword selection and auto-populates the description based on the same keyword, to help guide you along the process.
  • If you need to go back in and edit the video you can do that as well and either upload to Youtube or use 1TO1 to do a direct upload with one-click.
  • Analytics & Competitor Analysis


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