Top 5 Android Application Development Languages in 2021

by | May 21, 2021 | mobile app development, Technology

There are almost 3 Billion android users in the world today, which shows the utilization and significance of Android mobile applications in 2021. 
If you want to become a mobile app developer but confused with the question that, which programming language I should learn to start my career, then this blog is for you.

Here we are going to discuss the top 5 android app development languages in the world and average earning of a developer of each language.

So, let’s start it.  


Java is considered to be the official programming language for mobile app development. Java language is supported by Google, and it becomes the initial reason for its popularity. Due to its popularity, there is a lot of content available online, which is helpful for coders and developers when they get stuck in some code and any problem.

There is so much to learn in Java-like constructors, concurrency, null pointer exception, etc. It is also well-suited with software such as android studio and kotlin. 
Java is also used to develop web applications. It provides vast support for web applications through Servlets, Struts, or JSPs. With the help of these technologies, you can develop any kind of web application that you require.

Some of the Applications made in Java are Amazon, LinkedIn, Spotify, NASA world wind, Netflix.

An average salary of a Java developer in India is approx. ₹10 lakhs per/annum.


C# is very popular in the gaming industry, you can quickly develop windows games with the help of C#. Apart from this C# is also popular for developing Anti-hacking software, windows applications, mobile application, etc.

C# is an open-source multi-paradigm language used for developing android as well as desktop and web applications.

C# is one of the simple android mobile application development languages because of its clean and simple syntax that is easier to understand by the developers. It is also called one of the most versatile programming languages. There are lesser memory leak chances as it implements the garbage collection just like Java does.

Slack, Pinterest, Tableau, the world bank, Aviva, FoxSports, Cinemark, Taxfyle, NBCUniversal, Insightly are few examples of mobile applications written in C#. 
The average salary of a C# developer in India is approx. ₹8.5 lakhs per/annum.


Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language that has type interference and is designed to operate with Java language and runs on the JVM. This JVM-based language, which was originally developed by Jet brains and now endorsed by Google, supports all Java libraries. 

Kotlin is able to avoid errors like null pointer exceptions and includes multiple libraries for android. The big plus of learning Kotlin is that it’s the official app development language for Android app development, and Google will keep promoting it.

Apps like Coursera, YouTube, Uber, Trello, Google drive are made with the help of Kotlin.

The average salary of Kotlin developers in India is approx. ₹8 lakhs per/annum.


Python’s popularity is not only limited to the field of software development, but it extends to Data Science as well. It is a high-level, open-source language that supports object-oriented, imperative, functional, and procedural development paradigms. 

Python offers options like dynamic binding and dynamic typing that make it an attractive language for Android app development. Python is easier to read and understand and allows programmers or developers to read and translate codes and reduce the time of developing an application. It is also reducing the program development and maintenance costs.

Instagram, Reddit, Dropbox, Quora are some of the popular programs written in Python language.  

The average salary of a Python developer in India is approx. ₹8.5 lakhs per/annum.


It is a multi-platform programming language that can be used to develop mobile as well as desktop applications furnish with high performance. It is an extensive version of the C programming language and gives the developers complete control over the memory and resources of the system. 

C++ is used for developing games, GUI-based applications, real-time mathematical simulations, banking apps, etc. C++ is popular with Cloud computing apps as it can quickly adapt to changing hardware or ecosystems.

Adobe Photoshop & illustrator, windows OS, Microsoft Office, Google, MySQL are some of the programs made with the help of C++.

The average salary of a Python developer in India is approx. ₹8 lakhs per/annum.


An application developer is considered to be one of the top jobs in 2025 in a recent survey. Application development and Programming is the future job of the world. Within 5-7 years, there will be millions of jobs in this profile across the world.

Language learning not required any kind of degree or qualification to start. It is required only the zeal in you to learn and make your career as an application developer/programmer.