10 Powerful Tactics to Boost Mobile App Downloads

by | Jun 3, 2021 | mobile app development, Technology

User acquisition is always a challenging task for app-based organizations. As per the recent survey, smartphone owners download an average of 3 apps in a month, and after completing their purpose, 1 out of 3 apps will never be used. By this statement, it is confirmed that organizations should not only focus on app download but have to engage users after that also.
Fortunately, there are many productive ways that can encourage more users to download your app. Here are ten tactics that boost your marketing efforts and matrices that should be considered and optimize to track your success:

  1. Attracting icon and user-friendly interface
    You have heard the phrase “The first impression is the last impression,” and this seems to be true in almost everything. The user’s interaction with the app starts with its icon and interface of the app. Application’s performance, durability, reliability comes later. If users do not find the app icon and interface interesting and user-friendly then they might not take it seriously and finally delete it.

    The icon of the app should complement the app name and the kind of business it has. Make sure you should use a design that complements your app. With that said, you must opt for an icon that is as straightforward as possible, not too flashy.
    The elegant UI is the need of the hour. You must make sure the option and content should be at the right place in your app interface. It helps the user to interact with the app easily and save time. You must consider that only simple-to-use things are in demand in this hard competitive world. If your user gets confused and not able to use the app then he might never return to it.

2. App Store Optimization (ASO)
App store optimization is simple but one of the crucial ways to increase your app downloads. In ASO, we optimize our meta content like title, description, keywords on play store and apple store. They both work as search engine for apps. ASO is much similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for web content.
In a recent survey, it is found that using keywords in your app title will increase your ranking by 15%. Both App Store and Play Store’s search algorithms scan the application title for keywords when a user searches the app by using a particular keyword in either of the app markets.

So, it would be a wonderful idea to add some relevant keywords in your app title, description, and other content and also try to keep them short, simple, and easy to read and understand.
You must be sure that you shouldn’t overload your title and description by just adding more and more keywords and making it look like spam. You must maintain a balance of a good number of keywords.

3. Motivates user reviews
Optimizing content and adding keywords only increase your app’s visibility on Appstore, but what next?
Once the user reaches your app, then you will need to convince him that this app is helpful and reliable enough to download, and that part is played by rating and reviews of the existing users for the app.
Most organizations do not take care of the user reviews on their app, but it is one of the critical parts to gain the trust of the potential users. A highly rated and satisfactory reviewed app by the existing users increases the chances of download by multiple times.
Apart from that, reviews also provide an excellent opportunity to interact and engage with your existing customers. If reviews provide suggestions or even complaints, you can respond and show potential users how responsive you are to feedback. By doing this regularly, you’ll inspire trust and encourage more app downloads as a result.

4. Crash-free App
Every customer wants an uninterrupted supply of services without any fault, and if the service provider is able to deliver that, then it would be the most positive aspect of his business.
Make sure you must provide the best version of your app to the users. Your app should undergo robust testing so that your developers can identify all potential bugs and resolve them before you make your app available to the public or before its launch date.
And in case your customer finds any problem with your app, they should have some portal to register their grievances online so you can quickly get to know about your app fault and you can fix it as soon as possible.
You should take a proactive approach in these kinds of matters so that your developers should fix the problem immediately, so your app will never crash again.

5. Invest in the content
Content is the heart of marketing and the only medium to communicate with our existing and potential users.
Creating compelling and relevant content to promote your app can help to reach more potential users. The content might be in the form of a blog, online article, video, infographic, etc.
For a gaming app, you can create or can ask influencers to create demo/walkthrough videos to show off your product’s rich visuals to impress the customers.
Content bolsters organizations to convey their services, usage, strategies, future plans, offers, etc., to users and help users to understand the app in a better way which leads to a hike in app downloads.

6. Influencer and community outreach
Community or social influencers have the power to affect the purchasing design of their followers. It is a good technique to explore the demographic details of your potential users and then choose the influencer which is best suited to promote your app.
Reviews from recognized experts not only bring more exposure to your app but also instill more trust in your product. You should make a partnership with the relevant influencer to recommend your app.

7. Engagement on social media
Social media is one of the robust tools in this digitalized world. In 2020, there are approx. 3.6 Billion people on social media.
The engagement of people on social media is up to the extent nowadays that they are deciding the buying pattern of the customer.
Content empowers social media, and maintaining a strong online brand/appearance can be an effective way to enlarge your reach and introduce your app to new customers.
Organizations have to track the social platforms of their potential users and pitch them in the right way with the right content. Responding to your followers, comment reply, live sessions, Q & A, and asking them to share their thoughts demonstrates that you care about your audience’s opinions.

8. Encourage users to make referrals.
A referral is another way to illustrate the trust made by the app in the life of your users. If someone refers your app to their friend, colleagues, relatives, this means he is fully satisfied with your work.
In this case, your users become your brand ambassadors. Organizations should appreciate it and escalate more incentives to increase referral activities, ultimately which leads to increased app downloads.
We have seen many financial apps like PayTM, SBI, PhonePe, Google Pay, Amazon pay have introduced cashback in referral schemes at different times. It is a trustworthy promotional activity.

9. App localization
Localization of your app to various languages is one of the magnifying strategies and able to enfold a wider range of target audiences to download the app.
News agency Dailyhunt is one of the examples of it. They have initiated their app in different Indian languages, which leads to an increase in their app downloads and website traffic. Social media have also gained from the localization of their app in Hindi and other popular languages in India.
If your app is available in more than one country, do proper analysis, check all stats and then you can utilize app analytics to explore the best nations by your app downloads. If you haven’t done this yet, you can do that by checking the official languages of the top 4 or 5 countries.

10. Measure, analyze, and optimize
Last but not least, measure, analyze and then optimize must be your app promotional cycle. Measuring your app performance and analyzing how users are interacting with your app in order to ensure their engagement. Are they successfully using the app the way the kit was meant to be used? Is there any obstacle that is preventing your app downloads?
These are the questions that can only be answered when we use them to measure and analyze techniques.

These techniques also help to optimize our ongoing and future promotional campaigns to optimize after monitoring. You must’ve noticed that many users from a certain source stop interacting with your app after a day or two. That may be because they weren’t a qualified audience, so you can choose to redirect your campaign efforts to other acquisition sources.