Top Web development questions asked by Business owners and web development freshers. (Part-I)

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Since the creation of the world wide web (WWW) in 1989, the social and economic framework of the world has totally changed. You may be astonished to know that the global internet user population is 4.80 billion today, where around 550 million active websites exist on the internet.

To tap this change into growth many organizations whether it is big or small have entered the internet world constantly, after the covid-19 pandemic we have seen a rapid shift of businesses from brick-and-mortar to digitalization. This pace has also increased the opportunity in the business and web development profession.

The demand for web development is rising for various purposes, such as informational websites, eCommerce portals, finding a target audience, generating leads, etc.

We have received many queries on our different portals from start-ups as well as from well-settled businesses regarding website development and its benefits. We are honored to answer them prominently and timely, but we find that it is important to put these queries in the form of a blog in front of our views and followers so that they also get to know about website development and its future aspects. This blog contains some of the basic and vital questions and answers in the space of website development. It is also worthy to notice that this blog is also targeting and clearing the doubts of many existing and upcoming website developers in the market.

So, here are some top questions and their answers regarding website development that will be a great help for business owners as well as developers.

  1. What is Website Development?

    Web development is a technique to build, design, and maintain a website where various methods are being used by web developers worldwide. The whole process of web development involves the designing, development, and maintaining part. And this process is divided into two parts which are front-end development and Back-end development. Let’s describe this two one-by-one.

Frontend Development:
It consists of the design, layout, and interactivity of web pages. It covers the visual features of the website, such as a dropdown menu, banner spacing, image sliders, fonts, specialized texts, etc. The motive of developers here is to bind the structure elements to make the website responsive for creating the best user experiences.

Back-end Development:
It is like creating the effects behind the scene. The responsibility of back-end developers is to ensure the smooth running of applications on the website, manage data storage on the server, and retrieve data using their programming skills. This programmer uses server-side programming languages such as Java, C, PHP, Ruby, and Python and implements this.
Website development skills are in demand worldwide, and it is one of the great options for brand promotion.

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2 How to become a web developer?

To enter the field of a web developer, an individual must possess the ability of analytical and logical thinking, and the rest is dominantly dependent upon the technology/languages on which you have to focus for web development. Although here are some steps which help you to make a better decision.

Choose Specialized field
There are various techniques used for developing a web product/service where you have to learn basic technology first, such as CSS and HTML, and then learn other aspects like programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc., then you have to practice these technologies with different Frameworks for-example Angular js., Ruby on Rails, Node.js, WordPress, etc. You also have to learn Libraries, for instance, Underscore, jQuery, and learn Databases like SQL Server, MongoDB, etc.

After determining and learning the technology as per your choice, you need to practice hard to be efficient and become one of the expert web developers in your language.

Learning and Supervision:
Supervision matters a lot, practicing under the good supervision of experts on live projects is always beneficial for a learner and increase the ability of learning

Portfolio management:
Managing our work profile will be helpful for your career by this, you can showcase your practical work experience and achievement to the employer and clients. Once you are perfect, you can also work as a freelance web developer as a career option.

  1. What does a web developer do?

    A Web developer typically develops the website as an end-to-end process (front-end and back-end) that ensures the smooth and efficient functioning or performance of the website.

Apart from development, their role is also critical for maintaining web apps and providing after services. They develop the websites based on client’s requirements with the help of their programming capability and skills. There are 3 kinds of web developers that exist:

Front-end Web Developers:
These developers have expertise in developing the front end of the website that includes visual effects and designing such as theme designing, content styling, interactive elements, borders, and more. It basically involves how websites look, how the user interface works while accessing the site, and many others. Making the user interface attractive and engaging is important in their work.

Back-end Web Developers:
The back-end developers are responsible for empowering the website’s back-end component, and it also includes database creation, server-side programming, how data will be stored in the database, modification in data, etc.

Full Stack Web Developers:
The developers who take care of both ends (Front-end and Back-end) are called full-stack web developers. They handle work like server-side programming, browser programming, and database programming, including the front face designing of any website or web app. In simple words, they work in both the front-end and back-end. This job is one of the most trending professions worldwide, where the average full-stack web developer salary is around $75K worldwide.

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  1. Is web development hard to pursue?

    First of all, you need to understand that it is the process of building a web application or a website for showcasing business or professional information on the internet.

    You can find many creative websites on the internet, but there are several efforts behind its development. Being a web developer is not an easy job, you have to put consistent efforts into creating the website, keep it up to date, meet the requirements of your client and improve user experience according to this.

    In the website development phase, a developer faces many obstacles and hurdles that require patience to overcome. Developer deals with the challenges at every module where sometimes handling run time errors is quite tricky. The following are some situations and challenges they face typically –
  • Code Malfunctioning
  • Security Threat
  • Scalability Issues
  • Sudden change in client’s requirements
  • Choosing the platform and framework

Although the majority of the things depend upon the web developer skills and experience so, for a skilled person, it is easy and viable to develop a web product/service.

  1. How much time would it take to become a web developer?

    In this case, you must understand the psychology of the person. Becoming a web developer is dependent upon the way of thinking. If the person has logical and analytical thinking, it would be easier for him to acknowledge and understand the concept earlier. Actually, no one can precisely say how much time will be required to learn web development. It entirely depends upon person to person, some people learn it within 2-3 months, where others may take 7-8 months for learning. The rest of the item is time spent in training and visualizing & practicing the concepts. When we talk about being an expert in web development, I would say the person with all the qualities above with working on live projects becomes an expert within a few years. But one must keep in mind that in this field, constant practice and being able to keep yourself up to date is the key to success.

Website development seems a single term, but if we look deeper, it is an umbrella term that includes full-stack web development, back-end web development, and front-end web development, and There are various resources available to learn such as –

College Bootcamp:
As an extracurricular activity, some colleges organize coding boot camps to encourage and make students aware of website programming. These remain for a limited time, but you can learn lots of basics while attending them.
Coding Bootcamps:
Some government and private institutes also organize coding boot camps online or offline where students can learn minor to significant details about the website development under the guidance of the expert.
Online Courses:
This is an era of online courses. The E-learning market worldwide is expected to touch $250 Bn. dollar business by the end of 2022. It is a new normal that students are experiencing and following during Covid-19, so enthusiastic people can also learn website development via online courses.

  1. What is full-stack website development?

    It refers to the end-to-end web development that involves server-side and client-side programming. The professionals involved in it are called full-stack web developers. They individually work on the front-end, back-end, and database to provide a complete solution to their requirements.

To attain expertise in it, a definite level of work experience is required. To become a full-stack web developer, you need to learn back-end programming as well as front-end programming. As well as, you have to practice the concepts frequently to gain expertise in them.

Only a knowledgeable developer can perform this. He knows designing and coding using languages such as PHP, C, JavaScript, Python, Node.js, and libraries such as jQuery, dotNet, and databases like MongoDB, SQL Server, etc. Apart from these technical skills, strong communication skills are also required that can help to communicate with clients.

  1. How much does a freelance web developer earn?

    Due to the internet age, people can communicate and work remotely from their homes or somewhere else. As per data, in 2020, 59 million people were freelancing only in the United States, including several sectors where a significant segment of work is of web developers or related to I.T.

On average, a freelance web developer charges $50 for an hour. When consolidated, he earns the U.S $65,000. It is the average. The actual salary may be low or high, as the earnings can be affected by the availability of work, requirements, and expertise.
A starter freelance web developer can find hardships in finding higher-earning, but it is not difficult for experienced professionals to do so. Based on the recent survey, here are some data related to the average salary per year of a website developer.

  • Early Career – $50,000/yr.
  • Mid-Career – $70,000/yr.
  • Experienced Developers – $85,000/yr.
  • Top Freelancers – $125,000< /yr.

Further, the freelancers can be divided into two, i.e., full-time web developers and part-time web developers, which is based on their working mechanism. The full-time freelancer’s salary ranges in-between US $60,000 – US $90,000 where part-time developers earn US $25,000- US $50,000.

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  1. How to become a freelance web developer?

    Freelancers are professionals who work on a contract basis on temporary projects. There was a 38% rise in freelance workers in 2020 in comparison to the previous years.

    Where part-time freelancers were 46%, there are various factors due to which a working web development professional turned into a freelancer. 70% of web developers worldwide wanted flexibility in their working schedule, which allows them to choose freelance as their career option.

The following steps help you to understand how to enter the profession of a freelance web developer-

Choose Your Interest:
Several programming languages and techniques are being used for the web development process. So, here you have to choose the language and techniques you want to excel in your work. This means in which you wish to expertise, such as JavaScript, C, C++, Python, Node.js, PHP, etc.

Understand, Learn, Practice, and Make:
Not only in Web development, but it is also the best mechanism to get achievement, to become an expert, in freelance, you have to understand the concept first, then learn the idea, after that practice it again and again and finally make your first project/application.

Branding your work:
Branding is a key to get work freelance. You are like your own company in freelancing, you have to promote your work and yourself. If you are good with your work, skills, and expertise, but if nobody knows about you, then it is useless. So, you have to make a creative portfolio, including the details of your skills, experience, and clients’ projects to attract new clients.

Being a freelancer does not mean that you become unorganized, instead of staying organized and keeping your branding up must be your motto. In freelancing, you have to perform multiple roles such as manager, project lead, customer care executive, web developer, and many more. So, you have to maintain the appropriate timetable and decorum of your brand.

Make Contact and association in the market:
It is the most critical part that will help you to get work and project. You should be in contact and maintain positive relations with other freelance developers & designers so that in the process of project delivery, you can also take help from them if required.

We are ending this blog here, and the remaining questions will be discussed in the next blog soon.

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