Top Web development questions asked by Business owners and web development freshers. (Part-II)

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Hi folks, this is the second section of our blog – “Top web development questions asked by business owners and web development freshers“. I hope you liked and gained a lot of information from our first blog of this series. In this part, we are going to present and discuss other more frequently asked questions related to the web development industry and their expert answers.

So, here we start.

  1. Can someone become a web developer without a degree?

    Technology gives us a lot of opportunities, and one of those is to learn various things online (via online platforms). Becoming a website developer without a degree is possible and easy, although the things that matter are your skills in this field. There are many online educational portals through which you can do a course in web development according to your wish. You can also gain knowledge from YouTube as there is lots of tutorial video content available for free.

Online learning portals like Codecademy, Udemy, Coursera, Treehouse, W3Schools, HTMLDog, Traversy Media, and many more provide you 6 months to 12 months duration courses to learn web development from basics. It can subscribe or join by anyone by paying a course fee.

So, saying that a degree is mandatory for pursuing web development is not true. The thing that matters is your programming skills and logical & analytical thinking.
Many successful developers and designers have diverse educational backgrounds, but they have developed many websites and apps due to their interests and knowledge. Let me share a live example. During interviews, almost every company in this industry gives a test task to the interviewee to judge their skills, and to perform this task and grab the job is dependent upon your coding skills and your way of thinking, that’s it, from which background you are is secondary.

So, if you have a doubt that you will get the job or not, then take this fear out of your mind because most of companies require skills, not a degree.

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  1. How to learn web development?

There are many ways to learn website development, such as tutorial sites, online live lectures, MOOCs, recorded video lectures, online courses, etc.

Html Programming Advanced Technology Web Concept

Other than these, several universities and education houses run specialized job-oriented courses that you can join for a specific time duration (depending upon course). It involves back-end development as the programming part and front-end development as the designing part.

The following are some essential tips that help you to learn web development:

Learn the basics: either development or designing first, you have to learn the basics such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. If you already have any knowledge of these before, then it will be best for you.
Develop your niche: There are several efforts and techniques applied for developing a web app and website, so here you have to choose one of the languages like PHP, SQL, Python, etc., to excel your skills.
Learn Foundations of UX/UI: It is an object through which we make a website/web app alive and unites its structural elements to create a site responsive and interacting, so the user can enjoy a creative, attractive, and easy to use interface.
Design your first application: After learning the concepts, it will be fascinating to make them happen. It will let you know how things are done and work after web application development.
Get your work Checked: half of the battle, you have already won. If you have any mentor, After designing your first webpage, you should show it to your mentor and gain valuable learning and feedback.
Self-improvement: improving yourself in perpetual work, you should learn from your mistakes or failures and improve your work accordingly.
Live Projects: Working on a live project is the best way of learning and helps to calculate your skills. If you got the live project, then welcome to the world of website development.

  1. What do you mean by front-end website development?

    The front-end web development deals with client-side development using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to interact with the application smoothly. Basically, It is much creative work and related to the designing aspect of a website.

One of the biggest challenges for a front-end web developer is that a web page interface, design changes time by time, as per the client’s requirement, so this work needs more expressiveness and patience to update it consciously.

The prime objective of a front-end developer is to make the user interface interactive, smooth, easy to understand, and find the relevant information on a site, and move to the desired section without any difficulty.

Front-end relates to the part of the website with which users interact or the screen of the website on which they scroll and find information, so developers must understand the significance of each section while building and designing the webpage.

If the user doesn’t get the desired results on the webpage or finds difficulties interacting, then the developer needs to make it more responsive and collective for the user. It is an ongoing process in which added new things, deleting old data, text styling, customized icons, fonts, HTML DOM, charts, CSS icons, Bootstrap, jQuery, and XML are also included.

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12. From where can we find a web developer?

It is not difficult to find a skilled web developer, you need to devote a few efforts to do this. There are many options available such as job boards, portals, freelance platforms, social media groups, developer communities, etc. Although for business owners, it is a pretty complex job to find and hire a web developer. Only reading the portfolio and taking interviews can’t ensure the quality of the candidate. The practical knowledge and reliability of a person are the essential factors. So, here you need to anchor on what others say as testimonial or feedback about them,

Here we point out some of the basic platforms

Freelance Platforms: these are specialized podiums from where you can find a skillful freelance web developer. Freelance platforms are commonplace where professionals’ developers and clients meet with each other. Decide the price of work and do business. They also rate and give feedback to each other, which matters a lot to optimize their profiles and get more work. Its best examples are Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, Toptal, Upwork, etc. you can easily find a skilled and efficient web developer on these portals and judge them by their previous client reviews and feedback.
Developers Communities: These are some skill-specific communities that exchange learnings, works, projects, etc. You can also go for this option also and find a web developer. Some popular web developers’ communities are Reddit r, Magento, WooCommerce, GitHub, etc.

Job Boards: this is one of the oldest ways of hiring professionals. Before the introduction of freelancing platforms, organizations used to hire candidates from these sites. Still, these are working well, and you can also post your requirements there.

Social Media platforms: one of the major advantages of social media groups is their wide reach, you can find professionals from all over the world, and the large reach also increases the possibility of getting the right candidate. By posting your requirements on a web developer’s social media platform, you can find a suitable developer.

  1. How to become a freelance web developer?

    Freelancing is one of the popular trends of the I.T industry nowadays, where a vital percentage of professionals are working as freelancers. For having no boss and a self-developed work schedule, people used to choose it as their career path.

To become a freelance developer, the programming skills and contacts of a person play a more critical role. As per the statistics, 62% of freelancers have a bachelor’s degree, and 9.5% have a Master’s degree.

Due to the growth in globalization, there are plenty of opportunities in this field. If you are seriously interested in adopting freelancing as your career path, then these steps will help you a lot in this journey.

Knowledge: the essential requirement of being a freelance web developer is to know various programming languages for web app and website development. A considerable amount of expertise will increase the chances of getting more work. The second most important thing is to remain updated with the new technology introduced to distinguish yourself from your peers.

Attractive portfolio: it is required for showcasing your work to the clients. If you have an appealing and ideal portfolio, it will benefit your reputation and attract more clients and work.

Personal Branding: Personal Branding of your neck and work is a key factor in freelancing. To put a good impression on clients and the market, you must prepare the best marketing plan to grab excellent working opportunities.

Good Professional Networking: It will always be helpful to stay in contact with other professionals or peers in your arena. Some social sites, such as LinkedIn, Meetup, AngelList, etc., are fantastic options to do that. Good networks will help to get new projects and also help to complete existing projects.

  1. What is a full-stack web developer?

    A web developer who performs client-side and server-side coding alone is called a full-stack web developer. It includes designing & developing web pages, UI/UX designing, menu designing, database programming & handling, and other work. The full-stack developer refers to the collection of technologies and tools required to create the front-end and back-end.

Usually, web developers can be categorized as front-end developers or back-end developers. If both profiles are being handled by a single person, that person is known as a full-stack programmer or developer.

It has been a full-stack web developer required to be a master in many programming languages. Therefore, it is the most high-demand job in the industry. As per the data shared by the Bureau of Labour and Statistics (U.S), till 2024, there will be 24% growth in this field.

It is also beneficial and cost-saving for web development companies because in the place of hiring two-person, they can hire a single person to develop a web app and website.

  1. How to get a job as a web developer?

    Being a web developer is a challenging and exciting job. As per the survey, web development was one of the most trending jobs in 2020. By 2023 the count of a web developer is expected to reach 27.8 million, with 23.2 million in 2018
    It is such a lucrative and high-paying job that promises exponential career growth as well. if you want to be a web developer, you should consider the following points as necessary:

    Freelance Projects Experience: if you have experience as a freelancer and complete projects on your own, it will increase the chances of getting hired by a web development company.

    Build Portfolio Site: As a web developer, it is anticipated that you know how to build and design a complete website. Instead of sharing a portfolio or C.V for an interview, you should share the link of your site or work that will create a great impression on the employer.

GitHub as a Project: It is also one of the ideal ways to present your work experience before the employer. If you are regularly working and contributing to the GitHub community, it will also create a good impression on the interviewer.

Learning as an ongoing process: as a web developer, it is essential to adopt learning as a process and be up-to-date with the latest technology. Embracing new skills helps you to increase your value in front of the interviewer. Only candidates with advanced knowledge can crack the interview.

Job Portals: as we already discussed, the demand for a web developer is high in the market, only you should have the right approach and the right platform to search and one of the vital platforms is a job portal. These portals are specialized websites/apps to get information about a job posting. stay updated, and you will get a good opportunity within.

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  1. Is web development a promising career?

    Yes, website development is always a better career option that promises many things to you, such as name, fame, good growth, and excellent earning.
    It is U.S. $65,000 – U.S. $75,000 per year in terms of earning an average web developer salary.

As per a report of the Bureau of Labour and Statistics (U.S) the web development market is expected to grow 15%-20% by 2026. In the market, there would be considerable demand for skilled web developers who can build web-based. There is always a huge demand for experts to develop applications and websites. As per a record, there are more than 537 million active websites in 2020.

Nowadays, every business, whether it is big or small, needs website development services or at least wants to use this service in the near future to have a great range of online presence and reach. This career option needs only your device, internet connection, and your skills. It allows the experts to work from anywhere (without the issue of location).

We have left with a few more important questions, which we discuss in our next blog.