Use our Cyber Risk Assessment System & Switch From Detecting To Predicting Cyber Breaches. Our Prediction Engine Gives Score & Prioritize Actionable Insights For Your Enterprise.

Security Audits

Our comprehensive cybersecurity suite helps in identifying the threat and loopholes in the system, do the audit and warn you upfront.

Vulnerability Prevention

Prevent identity theft, malware propagation, cyber attacks and offers complete control over privileged access, visibility without barriers.

Security Analysis

Security analysis through most secure self hosted software solutions easy to use, simple to deploy and highly affordable.

Security Assessment Framework For Industries

Appernity provides complete suite of manual and automated security testing services along with a framework. We have the comprehensive cyber security suite for our clients across the globe. From Application security testing, server security testing to network penetration testing, cloud security testing to IOT security testing Appernity offers all in one cyber security suite.

Cybersecurity Assessment Method

Appernity’s suite has 20+ APIs to connect to cybersecurity products and take their input to give them timely scores.

Our cybersecurity framework enables an organization to predict cyber breaches in their environment. 

What We Offer

We have a dynamic & self-evolving business cyber security and risk management platform that integrates with your existing IT Infrastructure and security tools deployed within your organisation to do real time assessments and provide one number (between 0 to 5), both at a macro (enterprise wide) and a micro (asset wise) level for the leadership teams to be able to visualise, track, and enhance their cyber risk posture.

Single Dashboard For Vulnerabilities Check

A dynamic, real-time and consistent score to every cloud instance, IP address and application in your environment.  

Do You Follow Cybersecurity Policies?

Implement the 40+ cybersecurity polices and 200+ assessment controls & automate your policy & compliance management.


Prioritize your TSAR vulnerabilities and know your current tech stack’s Risk Quotient. More than 60% businesses have been a victim of just endpoint attacks.

ls Your Data Safe From Security Breaches?


Is your data safe? Did you get any analysis report for your enterprise data?
Get in touch with us and talk to our expert for suggestions and solution to secure your data. 

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