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Project Summary

ListAnimator is a complete list-building suite that provides you with all the features you’ll need to achieve your wildest lead generation goals. But right before you start using those features to their fullest, you will need to integrate your email marketing service with your ListAnimator account.

Doing this will allow you to collect leads straight from your ListAnimator squeeze pages into your email lists.

ListAnimator connects with two of the most popular email marketing platforms around MailChimp and AWeber. Today we are going to show you how to integrate both services with your ListAnimator account, in just a few steps.

Project Details


PHP, MySql, CodeIgniter Framework

Project duration

2 Months

Key Elements

Funnel Creation
Drag & Drop Builder
CTA Via Animated Characters
Text to Voice
Squeezepages, Sales Pages, Membership Pages Builder



Categorizing your pages and customizing your lead capture forms with effective copy is a big part of the list building game, but sometimes it can take you more time than it should.

ListAnimator helps you to make better use of that time with the “create” feature, which allows you to create and save list categories and headlines for your pages even before you start creating a page. In this video we are going to show you how easy it is to use this feature to your advantage.

Other Features

Using “Create”

To use “create”, simply click on the “create” drop-down located in the header menu, from anywhere in your ListAnimator dashboard.

The “create” feature lets you create two types of elements for your pages: industries and headlines.

Creating Industries

To create industries, click on the “industry” option from the drop-down. An industry is simply a category identifier that you can use to categorize your pages.

So instead of limiting you to choose from pre-set categories, ListAnimator allows you to create your own categories. This will help you to use category names that better describe your niche.

To create an industry, simply enter a keyword that describes your industry, category, or niche, into the text box on this page, and then click on “submit”.

You’ll get an “industry created successfully” message, and now you can select this industry to categorize and save your pages.


Visual Design

The combination of Careful visual design and Good usability is a Successful design. As a visual designer, our developers strive to create content that is consistent and predictably organized but at the same time impressively distinct. You do this to give users the context they need. Our designers used some of the sophisticated technology while making visual designs of ListAnimator to make its interface robotics advance, user-friendly and cost-effective.
While designing Listanimator our aim is to meet users expectations, so they win and keep their trust, and impress them with a unique brand presence. Brand style guides typically define standards about colour use, contrast, typography, shape, Photography style, dominance, etc.

What Else?

What Else Botsuite Can Do?

  • One click translation to 24 languages
  • 55 Different Life-like voices and Regional accents
  • Life Like 3D Characters with Life-like movements
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • Email Autoresponder Integrations
  • Ability to redirect to another page once opt in form is filled
  • 20 Page Templates with add animation function
  • Several Avatars/Characters for Pages

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