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Project Summary

Referrals and Word of Mouth are the Most Powerful Marketing Tool and having a system to immediately get every 1 Customer to bring in more customers can Exponentially skyrocket your Profits leads sales with True Viral Marketing. 

ReferralNOW helps businesses of all types generate Traffic. Leads. Sales in the fastest way to grow business online.

It is made for e-commerce stores, Marketers, Software Creators, Publishers, Consultants etc who want to consistently drive traffic, leads and sales.

– Fully Automated Viral Campaigns
– Stay in control of your business 24/7
– Auto-Select Winner At Random
– Auto-Select Winner Based On Points
– Auto-Send Prize And Reward Notifications
– Automatically Award Prizes
– Automated Campaign Scheduling
– Handpicked Winners
– Custom trigger e-mails makes sure new subscribers are just the beginning.
– Embedded Social Buttons
– Multiple Sender Profiles


Project Details


PHP, MySql, Laravel Framework

Project duration

2 Months

Launched At


Strategy & User Flow

Part A – Create Campaign Types 
Step 1 – Enter Campaign Name
Step 2 –  Choose Reward Type (URL, Downloadable, Multi-Use Coupon, Single Use Coupon, General Text Input)
Step 3 – Add Reward
Step 4 – Sweepstakes
Step 5 – Lead Capture & Campaign Page Designer


Lets you create and deliver unique prizes for all types of people, promotion, or niche. URLS for secret content. Downloadable files for e-books or software downloads. Coupon codes for e-com stores. Your only limit is your imagination.

Unlockable Milestones
Keep your participants hyper-motivated with referral milestones that automatically reward them for every 3, 5, 10, or more referrals they bring.

Unlimited Rewards
Offer as many rewards as you can think of and keep subscribers referring new people to your business for much longer than usual.


All Languages Supported
It’s a big world out there and is ready to help you conquer all of it by making sure you can run viral campaigns successfully in ANY languages.


Other Key Elements

Share Anywhere
Unique referral links let participants share their link anywhere other people are.

Optimised for Facebook & Twitter
Built-in Facebook newsfeed and rich tweet optimisations ensuring your viral campaigns always look outstanding in the feed.

Unique Tracking System
By letting each participant track their visitors and referrals you’ll build their desire to go beyond ‘just sharing’ and push for actual referrals to your contests.

Set & Forget Rewards
Automatic reward delivery system tracks your subscribers for you, e-mailing them their prizes whenever a milestone is achieved.

A/B Testing
Increase you ROI and reach your viral coefficient faster with built in triple A/B split-testing for landing pages and even emails and more

What Else?

What else ReferralNow can do!

Weighted Social Actions
Guide people to share on your preferred traffic sources by allocate different points to different social actions.

Multiple unique channels
Keep building your audience, brand and authority long after others are forced to stop with custom incentives specific to your business.

Coupon System
If you own an e-Com store (or you sell anything online) handling of single and multi-use coupon codes will make you happier than a kid in an e-com candy store.

eCom Custom Actions: Build your store by using UpViral’s Custom Actions drive customers to your store’s website, social pages, and review sites.

Retargeting Pixel Support: 
Build a custom audience and benefit from cheaper ads and a more targeted reach to bring back interested buyers to your site.

Exceptional templates for the whole funnel
Ensure steady conversions with a collection of proven page templates, optimised to perform in virtually any niche. Landing Page



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